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Where sexy gets out of control

Feb. 11th, 2010 | 03:45 pm
mood: uncomfortable uncomfortable

I am an avid reader of That Costume Girl (http://thatcostumegirl.com/) In fact, this blog almost started because of hers. Lately, she talked about sexy versions of male costumes, and how it wasn’t that necessary to put a skirt to a male character; there are so many other possibilities.

I found the article very interesting, and I wanted to talk about it myself. Due to a problem with my computer, the article was lost. No big deal, I thought, what TCG said was enough for me.

And then I saw this:


Really? Really? Sexy cookie monster? Sexy big bird? Is it really necessary to sexify anything? I can understand that some people might want to wear a little skirt but…I just do not get it. For me, sexiness comes from within. The attitude and the personality is a big part of someone’s sex appeal. If you believe you are sexy, you will be, or very close to! At least that’s what I think.

Sexy ninja, sexy pirate, sexy strawberry shortcake (eek) and sexy whatever-you-can-think-of, No matter how little your skirt is, no matter how revealing your cleavage is, you cannot compete with true sex appeal.

Judy Garland in Summer Stock
Source : www.flickr.com/

Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge!
Source unknown

Sorry guys and dolls for the rant, but I wonder if I am alone in this. See you next week!

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My beast, My nightmare, My Overlock machine

Feb. 3rd, 2010 | 12:21 pm
mood: infuriated infuriated

It all started last year, in November. I fell in love with that somewhat cheap overlock machine. I wanted something to help me sewing, and maybe do more professional costumes. She was calling to me, like a siren.

My mom, who didn’t give me gifts for about a year (I am horrible at telling what I want as gifts, I am always out of ideas) told me she’d buy it for Christmas.

The beast

And there she was, that pretty! All in her little box, begging to be used!

That is exactly when it went wrong.

I know what an overlock machine does, but how it does it is a complete mystery. Even after reading twice the manual I still was blinking in front of the Beast, mumbling and sighing furiously. After who-knows-how-much time the thread broke, I was about to give up when my mom came in, manual in hand: “I know what is wrong…I think. You just need to put one needle. And three threads. And we have to adjust the lever. And I think we need to change the tension too. And there is a thing we need to change so you can sew cotton. After that we’re in business. I…think. Yeah.”

The hate

We both looked at each other with the uneasy smile that says : “oh boy this is gonna be hard.” I know it will be worth it, once I convince that beast that she is mine and I’m not hers.  Which I hope will come soon!

Next week I hope I’ll be able to get my article back from the nether about sexy costumes (Damn you sudden windows restart!!!!!)

On another non-costuming note, may I kindly present you  Pikestaff (pikestaff.livejournal.com/289627.html), a fellow blogger who recently decided to present the prologue of her NaNoWriMo project. Look around, she’s awesome.

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Na’vi « costume », a little thought

Jan. 27th, 2010 | 04:01 pm
mood: geeky geeky

Ah! Avatar. You know this halloween (And con season…) you will see a whole lot of blue skinned guys and dolls running around. When I saw the movie, I truly enjoyed their face and glowyness (Hmmhmm…I was the gal squeeing “Omg glow in the dark forest MINE” on the front row half of the time).

But can one actually costume into a Na’vi and pull it off?

Do not get me wrong here; I seriously think anyone should costume as they want, as long as it is done to enhance their beauty. And this is only my humble opinion; feel free to disregard what I will write. Still here? Good.

 Problem number one: Size is the matter

Na’vi  people are aliens. Big surprise here, you will say, but this is somewhat important. They are tall. Incredibly tall and slim. While you can pull off the face quite well (I will show that later), it is very hard to appear taller, with arms that are two times longer than your own. The only “average” Na’vi are the younger ones.

 Problem number two: Clothes, what clothes? Who needs clothes?

As you might have realized, the Na’vi are not that fond of clothes; most often it is necklaces that cover the women’ busts, and a loincloth is the most you will see on almost everyone. Now, this problem is easily solved: You can dress normal and say that you are an Avatar in training. But if you want to portray a native, well… We, gals, have to cover a bit more. And you have to makeup the whole body, do not forget that.

 Problem number three: I see you

Big. Yellow. Eyes. Of. Doom. As much as I say “You don’t –have- to wear contact lenses for cosplay”, there are some exceptions, especially when the eyes makes the costume; Mystique from X-men, Blood elves from WoW, and, let’s face it, Na’vi.  Unfortunately this is almost mandatory.

 Still with me? Still saying: “I DO THIS YEAH!”? Awesome. You are daring. I like your style. I do have some links for you.

If you need any tips for the face makeup, check out this amazing tutorial by Petrilude (Don’t be shy, look around on his channel, he’s amazing!)


If you want at least an idea of what the Na’vi jewels and weapons look like, you can look on the Noble Collection website, the props are expensive and could be reproduce at home but you can always use them as a reference. The colors can vary, but try to find glass beads that can reflect light.


I will try to put up a little how-to on Neytiri’s necklace if some are interested!

 See you soon guys and dolls!

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Costume Burn-out (Or when you overwork your costume)

Jan. 20th, 2010 | 04:19 pm
mood: contemplative contemplative

 I give up. You win, costume, I am humble in my defeat.

It all started when I needed an Arabic/Egyptian costume. I wanted something bold, something that screamed “Different! Colors! Tribal!” and not your usual Arabic “Jinny” “Harem” costume. I decided to focus my color scheme on a sunset. Beautiful pink, purple, gorgeous orange and red, and a dash of gold for the jewels. It was perfect. I had –the- idea.

I made the skirt just in time for said larp, along the bra and the ghawazee coat. Unable to continue, I thought it looked ok for that time, but more details would soon be added. So, I went there and gasped. Gypsies everywhere had baladi skirts and belts, women had the same tribal makeup I had and I was in the middle of it, sighing at my own defeat. I came back home, and decided I’d get a better costume. A wonderful one. I searched on the internet different style, and the more I searched, the more I had a hard time decided what I wanted. Kuchi jewels, or egyptian style? Pants or skirt? What can I do to make that costume more Arabic?

With the holidays, I stopped thinking about it. It is only this week that I stumbled on a very simple costume, all in white linen. I fell in love. Simple, classic, and I can add jewellery since it’s what I love.

I decided to tell this story for one simple reason: Sometimes, you just have to stand back and take some time before you really do something silly (Like buying way too much stuff to “repair” said costume). Sometimes, the simplest things are the best one.

And what about you guys and dolls? Have you ever got so frustrated with a costume/outfit that you decided to just never finish it?

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Making of a character: A costume journey CON edition

Jul. 29th, 2009 | 06:08 pm
mood: creative creative

Conventions are always a fun place to wear costumes. You get to see many people, take pictures, strike the pose, and it is a good way to make something without getting the whole “When will you wear –that-?” look from friends. You have your concept (we will talk here only about original costumes, not cosplay) in mind, the only thing left is well, to make it.


Here are a couple of questions you need to ask yourself before starting.


For what occasion will I wear this costume?

 Haha, funny, I know, “For a convention I just told you!”. I mean more about the different things that happen in a convention. Will you go to the masquerade and try to win a prize, or will you go to the dance? Or even just to walk in the halls?

 The masquerade is the contest where people are judged on their craftsmanship and originality. You need to put a lot of time into your costume and you will have to wait for hours in the backstage. If you want to do so, wonderful! But if it is your first costume ever, you might want to wait and see what this is all about first.

 The dance is, well, a dance. You will need to stand up and dance, so a ballgown poofy dress might not be the best idea (But it looks so good, I know!).

For how long do I want to wear this costume?

High heels are wonderful for girls, but you can hardly walk with them for ten hours straight. The same goes to a bone crackling corset. The key is to make something that looks great and that is somewhat comfortable. Somewhat is the key. ;) Aim for a heel that is a bit lower than you want and your feet will thank you.

How much time I have for making this?

Again, time is the key here. The more you have, the less expensive it might be. The more details you will be able to put on it. And (gods forbid!) If something goes wrong, you will have more time to repair it. (And believe me, things often go wrong.)


How much am I willing to pay for this?

Money, money. We have no choice but to think about it. Unlike Larps, you can go with a much wider range of fabric, be it cheaper or more expensive. Here are tips to help you with your budget:

1.       Check for coupons and discount at your fabric store. I always get good prices out of “expensive” fabric because I usually wait for sales. The same goes for patterns. Patterns are expensive but are often in sale.

2.       Be open to anything. It might not be the exact fabric you had in mind, but you can be surprised how things can be similar!

3.       Broken jewelry bits and parts can be very useful to ornate a costume. Do not toss away them!

With dragon*con coming, I hope this help you! Next week, we will talk about inspiration and sketching our costume!

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Making of a character - a costume journey LARP edition

Jul. 28th, 2009 | 08:43 pm
mood: artistic artistic

So! You decided to make a costume for your character; there is always a question that comes to players’ mind.

What should I wear!?!

Yes, it happens to all of us. You know you want a sexy yet practical drow priestess costume but then, what will she wear? What will make her stand out? How can a vampire not wear just red and black without well, not looking like a vampire?

First of all, you need to answer some questions.

Where will I wear that costume?

I’ve been in larps for more than a decade, and I know how it is to be in the wet, cold forest with cute and sparkly sandals in the mud, cursing at the weather goddess for such crappy night.

No matter how much you want to be credible, you need to understand that weather, running and fighting and trees are against you. Literally. Silks, satins and other expensive fabric (unless you got them really cheap and you’re not afraid to break it) are a big no-no. Also, anything that absorbs water might be risky. If you know where you will play, you can start thinking the length of your dress / robe / skirt. If you know you will have to walk through the forest and face many obstacles, do not make yourself a long dress that people can walk on. You will cry and scream. I know, I’ve been there!

What do I want to do with that character?

Run, climb fight are the words coming to your mind? Good for you! But dresses and robes may not be the best clothes for that. I am not the girl who says that mages must be in robes, that girls must be in chainmail bikinis or poofy dresses, far from that! Wear what you want to, even if “priests should wear white robes” and all that jazz.

Will it be only that character who will wear this, or I want to make a generic costume?

If you are on a budget and want to try more than one larp in the same year, the best might be to not put any symbol of a certain god. This way, you can wear that costume at any place without getting the odd “Ah, what’s that?” look. On the other hand, if you know you will wear that costume only for this character, you can go nuts!

How much am I willing to pay for this costume?

An easy one you might think, but sometimes someone can easily get carried away in a fabric store, or with that sparkly necklace you’ve seen in that medieval store (you know, the one that made your boyfriend gulp at the price?) I know I am one who will try her best to look at prices, and then…well, you just have to get that fabric.

By setting yourself a price limit, you will help your wallet and yourself greatly. There are ways to respect your limit very easily:

1.       Check for coupons and discount at your fabric store. I always get good prices out of “expensive” fabric because I usually wait for sales.

2.       Need new fabric for a costume piece? You can buy new fabric for a skirt or a jacket and try to find something else for the rest of the costume by altering it, like a jacket that you can alter, or a skirt you think will do.

3.       Be open to anything. Sometimes you can’t find the exact fabric you have in mind, but if you try to find something similar, or just fall in love with a piece, things will be easier, and maybe even cheaper!

When do I want/need it?

The more time you have to put your costume together, the less expensive and / or the more intricate the costume will be. If you need your costume in, say, a week, you might need to “cheat” your way through by buying stuff already made, like jewelry (if you want some) and accessories. If you have more time, you can make them yourself or go on a hunt for good sale!


And that is it for now. Soon (I swear, soon!) we will sketch our design and get inspiration. Stay tuned!

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Toute bonne action ne reste pas impunie

Jun. 9th, 2008 | 01:09 pm
mood: Artistique Artistique

Ouf, désolée pour le manque de nouvelles. On dirait que depuis que j’ai décidée de commencer ce journal, bien des choses en ont décidé autrement, n’ayant pas assez de temps ni l’énergie pour! Ahah! Malheureusement je suis toujours en attente des photos de mon costume (et je crois bien que je vais les prendre moi-même!)…
Donc, j’ai plus de travail ces temps-ci (Youppi!) et surtout, j’ai accepté de jouer dans une pièce de théâtre il y a de cela trois semaines. Mon amie travaille pour l’entreprise et je croyais que c’était une bonne idée…Jusqu’à ce que je saches que nous devions écrire la pièce avant de commencer les pratiques.
C’est une pièce avec des adolescents et c’est bien ainsi, mais je me sens plus âgée avec eux, et je n’ai que 25 ans! Mais ils sont sympathiques et cela va plutôt bien considérant que la pièce sera présentée le 20 juin! Il ne me reste qu’à apprendre ce texte du sketch de dix minutes ou je parles tout le temps!
Souhaitez moi bonne chance!

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No good deed goes unpunished!

Jun. 9th, 2008 | 12:56 pm
mood: artistic artistic

Ugh sorry for the lack of updates, it seems that since I really wanted to start that journal, a lot of things decided that I wouldn't have the time nor the energy to do so! *chuckles* Unfortunately I am still waiting for the pictures taken of my costume to post (and I might just decide to take some myself!) about it.

So, I have more job these days (Yay!) and most of all, I decided to help a cause by playing in a play three weeks ago.  My friend works at the company, and I thought it was a good idea. That is until I learned that we had to write the play before rehearsing.

It is a play with teenagers which I don't mind but I do feel older around them, and I am just 25 years old! But they are nice and it's going...not so bad considering the play is june 20th. *sigh* I just have to learn that ten minute sketch that I talk all the time in it!

Wish me luck! 

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Il était temps!!!

Apr. 10th, 2008 | 02:16 pm
mood: Accomplie Accomplie

Eh bien, finalement, une place ou je vais écrire sur ce qui m'arrive, et ce que je fais! J'adores tout ce qui s'appelle costumes, le maquillage de fantaisie, les comédies musicales, les films....mais attendez... Allez voir mon profil pour tout savoir!

Je vais créer un site web prochainement ou je vais mettre des photos mais...pour cela, je dois replonger dans l'enfer qu'est la création de sites web...ce qui n'est pas si mal en tant que tel, mais peut prendre encore un peu de temps!

Allez, à plus!



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It was about time!

Apr. 10th, 2008 | 01:55 pm
mood: accomplished accomplished

Finally, a place where I will post about what happens with me  and what I do! I love costuming, fantasy makeup, musicals, movies and....Wait, you can go check on my profile for all that stuff!

I will create a website where I will put my pictures..but...for that I need to take the dust off my computer skills...which isn't bad per se, but might take some time!

Anyway, stay tuned!



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